Heart Intelligence Vs Mind Intelligence

One day, little David was playing around the house, full of energy, and into everything he can reach. He happens to walk into the den, where he accidentally interrupts Mommy and Daddy who are having a heated discussion. As little David walks innocently through the door, all of the highly charged energy of the interrupted discussion hits him right in his solar plexus (where the intuition lives). Now, as a three-year old, one of his most compelling agenda is to train his emerging analytical mind to read and decode his intuition. So he asked “Mommy, what’s wrong?” Mommy, who was close to losing her composure, blasted “Nothing’s wrong!” and ran away crying. This reaction confused little David as he was just trying to make sense out of his feelings. He looked at Daddy, who told him “You made your Mommy cry!” This overloaded little David who broke into tears. Daddy of course added, “And if you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you something to cry about!”

Most of us have done similar things to our kids. Heck, most of us experienced similar situations when we were about little David’s age! As children, we are all attached to our intuition — (right brain, heart, solar plexus). All we needed was to learn how to train our analytical minds (right brain) to process and understand what our intuition tells us. Instead, experiences similar to our story above resulted in negation of what we’re feeling, and have been penalized for using our analytical minds correctly. As we are growing up, we got trained, and programmed to rely more and more on our analytical minds, and away from our intuition. And in the process, we learned to not to trust it, ignore it, and shut it off.

Analytical thinking (left brain) or the Mind Intelligence, is done by our conscious, rational mind — one that relies on words, and numbers to process information. It functions like a computer chip, designed to break down whole chunks of input into individual bits of data (1′s and 0′s) which are then processed sequentially. When programmed correctly, our analytical mind is perfectly suited to serve as an input/output device on behalf of our intuitive mind. But when programmed incorrectly, it departs from its pure data transmission role and attempts instead to judge data as good or bad, right or wrong. A study conducted has found that when the analytical mind (left brain) is surgically separated from the intuition, it became completely incapable of distinguishing truth from fiction. It simply cannot execute judging function. Although because of its deductive reasoning skills (1′s, 0′s, on/off, yes/no), this is how it deceives itself that it’s capable of knowing right or wrong, good or bad.

Intuitive thinking (right brain) or the Heart Intelligence is carried out by our subconscious mind, processing non-verbal information, relying on pictures, patterns, and feelings to express its conclusions. Its processing speed is too fast to permit the use of words and numbers to process its information. The difference in processing speed between our analytical and intuitive minds is thought to be in the order of 1:1,000 and could be more. That is why when heart intelligence is activated and fully engaged, we receive information in a different bandwidth — information different from the logical processing we normally get. It is believed that the heart is where the spirit merges with humanness. It is our connection or portal to our higher self.

Our intuition is an awesome force. It seeks to continuously move us into an ever-evolving vision of perfectness. The more deeply we tap into this awesome force, the easier it becomes to reach our goals. Each of us must continually work to improve our ability to discern (through our analytical mind) — when our intuition is sending us a message:

  • the serene feeling of “comfort” that appears when something fits perfectly (positive, affirming)
  • or the subtle feeling of “discomfort” when something does not fit (negative, warning)

Here are some physical sensations that you might experience when your intuition is sending you a message from Judith Orloff’s book Second Sight:

  • Positive and Affirming:
  • sense of warmth
  • ability to breath easily
  • sharp clarity of hearing or vision
  • a wave of goose bumps, tingles, or fluttery sensations
  • relaxation in the gut and shoulders

Negative or Warning:

  • icy cold hands and/or feet; an overall chill
  • twinging or clenching pain in the gut or chest
  • nausea or acid stomach
  • a sense of being on “high alert”
  • fatigue or loss of energy
  • onset of headache

A wise Indian once said, “the longest journey a man or woman can take is their journey from their head to their heart.” So, in case you haven’t started your journey yet and wants to learn more, listen to this FREE recording where you will learn the Keys To A Heart-Centered Living.


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