Helping Children Live Their Dream

Living the dream

When I was still little, I dreamt of becoming an independent woman, with a successful career, driving my own car, and living in my own house. As I grew up, my dreams became more specific. I wanted to make a computer-related career since I found out I’m good with it. I saw myself as having a happy, loving family with healthy, happy and confident kids.

I realize now that I’m already living my dreams! I got everything I wanted and more. Only now, I have outgrown those dreams and have another set of dreams!

When I started having kids, all dreams I had making it to the top of the corporate ladder, vanished. All I wanted eversince was to be free. Free to spend my time with my kids and husband. Free to spend my time with friends and family. Free to go after my passions outside of work. Free to enjoy and experience life.

It’s the simplest dream I ever had, yet the most complicated to attain.

You wouldn’t believe how much time, effort and money I’ve spent all these years trying to accomplish that dream… and yet, it still remains a dream.

Am I frustrated now after all these years of trying? No. Why? Because those years of resisting and struggling, and trying to break free from the successful life I put myself into were also those same years that enlightened me to the true meaning of happiness.

Happiness is not about achieving your dreams. It’s all about being in the moment, fully living the present. It’s all about enjoying the journey as you go along, fulfilling your dreams.

What I’ve so far learned from this journey is that I was able to accomplish my past dreams with having the least resistance and struggling on my part. I was just going with the flow of life… I put my mind to set out for my dreams once, and forgot about it. I went on my merry way, doing things one day at a time, and enjoying the process. Somehow, my dreams just came to be. That was the difference between those dreams and my present one. My present dream became a need for me. A need that has to happen ASAP.

As soon as I started realizing this and made changes to my mindset and attitude, things started to lighten up. In 2008, I was offered a hoteling arrangement with my current employer. Now I get to work from home 4 times a week! I only need to be physically at work when there are important meetings that I need to be there for. Isn’t that great?

Am I now living my dream? Yes! I may not be quite there yet, but who cares? My dream will happen at the right time it ought to happen. Right now, all I really care about is enjoying and experiencing life with my family and love ones at the moment life is happening. Truly grateful for what I have and what I have so far accomplished in life. That’s all that matters… and as the song says, “…Whatever will be, will be!”

How are you living your dreams right now?

Young and Fab

Young and fabulous. Who doesn’t want to be one? In fact, who doesn’t one to stay one? There is a saying that “What goes on, on the inside, is reflected on the outside”.

So in this new series called “Young And Fabulous“, here on I’m A Hot Mom, we will be sharing and discussing wellness tips that will make us feel beautiful, help us stay young, and definitely make us look hot!

So let me ask you, “how much do you love yourself?”

What does that have to do with being young and fabulous? A LOT my hot mom friends. If you don’t love yourself enough, you won’t feel the beauty that lives inside you. There is no way you will exude beauty and confidence if you don’t feel it inside you in the first place. Start by believing in yourself first.

How much do you love yourself? Taking care of yourself becomes a priority if you value yourself. Respect your body. You only get to have one in your lifetime so make it a temple and take good care of it.

Ever see people who look way too young for their age? Observe them and study their lifestyle. These people MAKE THE TIME to take care of themselves. No buts, no excuses.

How do you start loving yourself? By accepting who you are. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you can choose to see your flaws, or simply opportunities to better yourself.

Studies show that people who are unhappy with their appearance always focus on their flaws when they look at the mirror. Find something to admire in yourself. Doing so would activate your brain’s reward system and lift your whole mood.